ISO 9001/22000/45000 preparation

The experts at MiddleWest can lead the process of preparing companies to have the certifications for many management systems like quality management system, food safety management system, heal and safety management system, and also Integration management system, using their experience in many sectors and their knowledge in implementing the standards.
Having a certified management system will help companies to enter new markets and be a supplier for big companies which required certified systems.
All services/ elements below offered by MiddleWest are necessary to have an effective system,

Twelve-step implementation plan

Process approach

Step 1 – Assign resources and budget

Plan – Identify system deficiencies and develop a plan. Identify the processes and clauses needed for the QMS. Identify the processes that comprise your management system and determine which processes are responsible for meeting which requirements, and any gaps.

Step 2 – Adopt the standards

Step 3 – Gap analysis and action plan

Step 4 – Management review

Do – Implement changes and promote awareness. Developing and documenting processes and procedures that are currently being followed is a critical component of a QMS. Focus on developing and implementing processes and procedures that capture core QMS activities.

Step 5 – Begin closing the gaps

Step 6 – Select and train internal auditors

Step 7 – Management review

Check – Ensure the changes are implemented. Perform an elemental internal audit of selected functions and areas using the audit program and the audit checklists. Ensure that the auditors do not audit their own functions or processes.

Step 8 – Begin internal auditing

Step 9 – Implement corrective actions

Step 10 – Management review

Act – Take action to address the audit findings. The process owners should implement the corrective actions to address the audit findings. Documented corrective actions are verified by the Certification Body for final approval.

Step 11 – Certification Body audit step

Step 12 – Verification and certification


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