delegation of authority Matrix

We help companies have the best governance system defining the rules and responsibilities of all stakeholders starting from the general assembly, board of directors, committees, and executive management by building charters fulfilling the governmental requirements and business needs.

Delegation Of Authorities DOA matrix is a tool to delegate part of top management authorities authority to the managers of the Company at levels which are considered appropriate to enable management to fulfill its responsibilities. 

Overall objectives of this Delegation of Authority matrix are:

  • To document delegations of authority in sufficient detail to promote accountability, responsibility, and adequate internal control over the authorization and execution of business transactions
  • To ensure that company’s management is managing business risks;
  • To ensure that the business, operating plans and budgets are executed in a manner consistent with the Company’s objectives;
  • To provide for appropriate consultative involvement of relevant departments’ personnel in major business decisions; and
  • To ensure authority limits are properly distributed across the different layers of AAGH’s organization in order to expedite the process of achieving tasks.
BOD & GA authorities
Organizational structure
Investing and entering into companies
Strategic plans
Policies and procedures
Financial statements, banks and mortgages
Public and governmental relations
Estimated budgets
Claims and legal affairs
Human resources


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